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When your request has been reviewed and accepted, you will receive an email in confirming your request. You will then be asked to attach a .sims3pack file of a lot which ONLY the intended mare is placed. All breeding will done on Bush Wood's property. After the foal is born we will send you an email with an attached .sims3pack of the dam and the foal. When it is confirmed that you have successfully obtained your mare and foal, we will NOT retain a copy of either dam or foal. You will be the only owner of both. Currently all stallions are available for stud and all mares are in available for breeding, you can find them either under our horses or under their breed registry where their name is a link to their personal profile. You can also choose to have a foal by one of our Mares and Stallions Breeding.

Request Form

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Website (If Applicable):
Name of BWS/ your Sire:
Name of BWS/ your Dam:
Name of the foal(optional):
If you choose not to name the foal yet,
it will be given a name that you can change.
Did you read the rules:
If the Sire and Dam are BWS bred, may we make the foal downloadable 
following the regular sales rules?


Angel Arabian Equestrian
(Haflinger, Shire, & Icelandic Registry)
Black Pearl Equestrian
(Belgian Warmblood Registry)
Briar Ridge Stables
(Georgian Grande Registry)
Claire Grace Equestrian
(Trakehner Registry)
Direct Current Stables
(Gypsy Vanner, Clydesdale, & Connemara Registry)
Duke's Equine Estate
(Trakehner Registry)
Exquisite Arabians

(Part-Bred Arabian Registry)
Four Winds Farm
(Lusitanos Registry)
The Heines Equestrain Center
(Rhinelander Registry)
Illusion Vale
(Spanish Mustang Registry)
Kligannon Farms(Holsteiner Registry)
The Lawrence Equestrian Center
(Arabian & Hanoverian Registry)
Morning Star Equestrian
(Akhal-Teke & Nez Perce Registry)
Oakridge Farm (Thoroughbred Registry)
Reinbow Hills Stables
(American Paint Horse & Tennessee Walking Horse Registry)
Saint James Equestrian
(Danish Warmblood Registry)
Spotted Acres
(Appaloosa Registry)
Stone Hollow Sims
(Swedish Warmblood Registry)
Stone Ridge Stables
(Morgan, Thoroughbred, British Warmblood Registry)
Wild Wind Meadows
(Lipizzaner Registry) 


Sales Rules And Application


  • Only ONE copy of the horse will ever be out there at one time.
  • Horses registered will KEEP their show name, but you may add your own stables initials e.g BWS/(Your initials here) Fire Fury.
  • Do not edit the horse in any way, like changing coat colours, although you are able to change the styling of the mane and tail.
  • If you for whatever reason do not want the horse anymore, you can offer it back to us as your FIRST choice.
  • If we do not want the horse back you can sell it to someone else, but you have to tell them the rules first.
  • NO horse bred by BWS will go onto mass download sites such as The Exchange or anything else.
  • When making the application, to show you have read these rules put your fave colour at the end of the application.
  • If you are found breaking these rules Bush Wood Stud will no longer give you the option to obtain our horses.
  • Only ONE foal per foal crop will be given out to each individual stable. Unless we say otherwise.
  • We will NOT keep a copy of the horse after it has been sold.


Your Name:

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Website URL (if applicable): 

Do you plan on adding your own prefix to the name? If so what is it? (e.g.. BWS/___):

Barn Name of Horse: 

What is your intended use of the horse? (breeding, competitions, Showing, etc.): 

Would you like a E- mailed Breed certificate?: 

Have you read the rules and regulations (above)?: 

Do you agree to comply with the rules and regulations?: 

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